Monday, October 26, 2009

EV Focus Group

Got Invited to an EV Focus Group session.
Love any chance to talk about my E, so I went.
9 people in our group, all Mini E experienced drivers with 8 driving their cars.

It means something to me that the Information is being gathered by one of Our Major American car manufacturers and is being evaluated toward the production of EV's and Hybrids to be designed and built in the USA!

Thanks to BMW for putting these on the road so we can show people how Fun and Practical they are to drive and demonstrate how well they fit into our daily lives!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


New Mini E driver just added to the group.

Number 136 had been turned back in with only 400 miles on it.
A friend of mine picked it up Friday and is off and running and very happy!

I will try to get him to start a blog, if not I will include his experiences here.

Great video interview with the maker of the motor in my Mini E.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alternative Power Expo at Santa Monica Civic, Santa Monica California.

Had a great time exploring the various exhibits and talking with people about the pure JOY of driving an Electric Vehicle, BEV.

Numerous Mini E's
Numerous other Alternative vehicles, Test drives, great to see a plethora of possibilities hitting the market soon.

As for COOPER E 230 we now have a charger in Hollywood (40 amp) 60 miles from home and another 75 miles from home in Malibu (60 amp).
We seem to be building our own infrastructure!

Came home from Hollywood at 80 mph (car pool lane), a/c on, headlights, radio,
arrived home with 30% to spare, oh what a great feeling!

I LOVE this car!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's So good to be back in the drivers seat!

Approaching 5000 pollution free miles!

Since 5/31/2009

As of today - 4330 miles divided by 123 days 
equals an average of 35 miles a day, every day.

Sometimes I drive further, sometimes less,
Mostly, well within the 100 mile range of the car.

I now have access to a charger at a business in Hollywood (55 miles one way)
so my Hollywood trips have just gotten easily feasible.

Still costing an average of 3 cents a mile to run,
get home plug-in and charge overnight (off peak)
have a full tank ready to go in the morning.

Love this car!