Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Read This about Lithium Ion and Batteries!

I get a lot of questions about "Lithium Batteries, environmental effect, short supply, recycling, etc etc, Read the following link for a more informed view of where it's coming from, how much there is and how recyclable it is.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Might have to leave the Mini E behind!

I've got a gig in Hungary for the month of October.
It's GOOD to have work - but NOT good to have to leave my little Electric car here!

A friend (a Writer) has asked me to Art Direct his movie, we will be shooting in a wonderful French Renaissance mansion, built in 1883 on a large wooded property about 40 km from Budapest.
Needless to say the property has been through a lot in the political turmoils of the last century and has picked up a wonderful patina of age and neglect that is perfect for this film.
The Manse will act as our scripts 'Castle' and provide the ambiance for the 'Vampire' story he has written.
Shooting the whole month of October and into the first weeks of November, we are hoping for some snow to enhance the final scenes.

I'll be examining what's happening in Hungary on the 'electric vehicle' front and will report if I find anything of interest.

My wife and son will have to put some miles on lil' Cooper E for me while I'm gone.

Meanwhile, Cooper E is performing perfectly, I just couldn't be happier, it IS the perfect run around, commute, go here, go there, short hops and longer vehicle for me!

Go try one (an Electric Car or Hybrid), give it some thought, keep a record of your daily mileage and you might be surprised how easily your commute or the majority of your running around fits within 100-120 miles.

Think about this - when day is done, you simply plug-in and charge while you sleep, on cheap off peak electricity, when you awake, your tank is full, you've spent less than $3 for electricity, unplug and go do stuff!

My tank (battery) is simply always FULL!

See you in November,
(if the movie turns out good I may tell you it's name, otherwise...well, see ya).