Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving into August

Nothing new to report, just thought I would let you know I am still here and loving the Electric Life!

I am constantly amused at the comments made by those just discovering the fact that the Electric Car is Here! Comments like:
• "Oh' it's a commuter,
•.... what if I want to go to Las Vegas?,
•.....It's a Novelty,
•......only a 100 miles, what do I do if I run out of charge?

All of these comments/questions are so simple to answer it doesn't make any sense to even respond, it just shows how little thought is given to the possibility that this change could actually happen and be beneficial to all.

• Yes, it's a commuter, I put over 15,000 miles on mine in one year!
• Want to go to Las Vegas? Rent a car or even faster, fly.
• Sure it's a Novelty but only for the moment, soon there will be thousands of them driving, silently, cleanly, swiftly on all our highways.
• If you run out of charge, merely Plug it In, go to sleep, go have dinner, enjoy a sunset, visit with friends, Do Something while your car charges for a couple hours, then drive home (Hopefully you are driving somewhere to actually Do something).

The POINT IS you charge your batteries while you are doing something outside the car!

One of the silliest is "So your car is Electric, the Electricity has to come from a Powerplant that is producing pollutants" The answer to that is that it is much easier to control emissions at the smokestack than at the tailpipe, besides, here in California, much of our power is generated in cleaner ways, Solar, Wind, Nuclear, and steam.

An Electric car is responsible for a minutia of the pollution a Gasoline powered auto produces.

The most important use of my Electric car is all the little short trips/errands (15,000 miles last year) that go into the makeup of everyday life!

Think about it, investigate, there are now coming available many choices,
• Tesla
• Think City
• Smart
• Nissan Leaf
• Chevy Volt

I love my MINI E, I only wish I could buy it!