Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gone Racing!

My sons and I were invited to participate in the Monterrey Historic Car Races (now sponsored by Rolex) at Laguna Seca this year. The only catch - my youngest son wanted to go see his favorite band (Gogol Bordello) perfom in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park on Saturday. 

Not wanting to drive the extra 4 hours to drop him there and pick him up later, primarily not wanting to miss any of the 18 races per day Sat and Sun, I concluded that since we 'have the equipment' we would load the Electric Mini E in our car trailer, tow it to Monterrey, drop the trailer at our Hotel and son #2 would drive the F250 to San Fran and see his band play.

Son #1 and I then had two wonderful days of driving our Electric Mini E among some of the Rarest, most expensive, even Priceless Historic Racing Cars in the world.

There were 3 Bugatti Veyrons (most expensive and fastest production car in the world) there and we were the Only Mini E. We generated some interest even though everyone was there for the gasoline explosions while racing these rare cars.

The Massive 1917 Hall Scott factory racing car, 4 cylinders, 10 litres!
Each cylinder is 2.5 litres.
They fired it up for a qualifying race and blew the valve in number 2 cylinder, right out through the head!
I offered condolences and they chuckled and said "oh we have a spare engine."

This is one of the two cars we were there to support,
an ARGO.
600 horse power, 1300 pounds.

The other car, 
1981 Lotus Factory F1.

Both cars are owned and driven by my friend Jeff,who invited us to crew for him at the races.

We put 100 miles on the Mini E traveling each day from Monterey and Salinas to the track and back.
Sunday morning Son #2 returned with the truck and enjoyed a day of racing with us.

Sunday night we packed up the Mini E with about 8 miles left on the ODO, hitched up the trailer and headed for the 7 hour drive home, 

what a great weekend!