Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh...It's a Novelty!

OK I was talking to a FORD GT40 owner a while back
and on introducing him to my ELECTRIC MINI E he looks at it and states
"Oh....It's a novelty!"
Now I ask you,
Which is more of a novelty?
• A 2 Passenger, $200,000, 800 HP, 300 MPH car that can only be driven on a closed track.
• A 2 Passenger, 200 HP, 95MPH car that has the SAME breathtaking performance characteristics and can be driven SILENTLYon any road, as far as one normally drives in average daily use
My car does this on ELECTRICITY, without pollution, smoke, odors, burning fuel, and does it while costing only PENNIES.

Hey, I love the GT40, it was historic and beautiful and sounds wonderful!

But the world is indeed changing and it's time to see the light and MOVE ON,
besides what's more important, all that sound?
Or the feeling you get from being G-forced back into your seat as you experience phenomenal acceleration when you press the accelerator to the floor?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spanish Adventure

Had to go to Spain for two weeks.
Saw the new MINI D
on the showroom floor.

Diesel is still king in Europe, at $5.00 a gallon its cheaper than Gas, better mileage, engine life, cheaper tuneups, etc, and the new Diesel engines are quieter and cleaner.

These days the air in Spain is fabulous!

Historically, Spain has been harnessing the Power of the Wind for a thousand years.

Everywhere, on the PLAIN,  there are NEW High Technology Wind Powered generators.

The ELECTRIC car is perfect for In City errands,
small, nimble, Clean, daily range of 160 kilometers (100 miles),
saving many Diesel Powered kilometers for the long hauls.

I saw a Prius in Madrid with the word "ELECTRICO"
across the back window.

Slowly, the World catches on, Clean Power Now!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Run to Zero

Arrived home with 8 miles left on the Range Estimate readout, so  decided to take it down and try to find zero.

After hitting the 'dashed line' meaning no range left, I flipped to % and found I had 2% left in the battery.
I continued to drive, at 30 and 40 miles an hour till I finally found 0% on the Battery and --------- on the range readouts.

I was still doing 30 miles an hour.

Not wanting to have to push it I headed for the barn and arrived with 0% and --------- after about 8 miles of driving.

Parked it, let it sit about half an hour, checked again and I found 2% in the Battery with still -------range.

Turned him back on, turned on the headlights, as it was now after dark and went for another drive.

After about 3 miles and 0% and -------- readouts I decided to head home again for the same reason as above.

This photo shows 0%, ------ range and I am doing 30 mph with the headlights on!
Finally, I never found absolute zero, I went fully ten miles beyond 0% and ------- range and still had enough to do 30 miles an hour. Performance definitely slacked off the nearer I got to 0% but I was still able to travel at legal speeds and stay out of the way.
I parked COOPER E, plugged him in and today I'm off again with a full tank!
This is COOPER E's new front badge, a custom EEU front plate!

Love this car!

Bye for now!