Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Electric Cars and Rain.

Just got back from a long drive in pouring rain in my ALL Electric Mini E.

Some people have some objection to this, I've had NO problems or fears of driving in the rain.

The Car still performs flawlessly rain or shine!

There are SO many little reasons people give for not trying an Electric car but it is my experience that the moment you get in and try one those dissipate and you are overwhelmed with the freedom of driving on pollution free, efficient, inexpensive and readily available Electricity!

Out in the early morning on a full charge, after an hour of driving errands I pull into the garage, plug in and sip cheep electricity (as it is still off peak until noon) refilling while I take care of home business then unplug my car at noon and with a full battery continue on with the day. This packs many more than the 120 miles I normally get on a full battery.

Many more miles than I can possibly use in a normal day.

Need to occasionally go much further than 120 miles, I use my other car (or rent one)!

Thats how I roll!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December, the end of TwentyTen!

Well, I'm back from Hungary.

It took a little longer than expected, you see Angelina Jolie decided to shoot her movie in the same castle we were using and she bumped us from October to November which put us into a different weather pattern and made shooting even colder and if-ier.

We lucked out though and had unusually great weather for November and finished in 30 days of shooting.

We had Russian VOLGA's, LADA's, belching gas and diesel fumes, all manor of vehicles supporting us.

I didn't touch a steering wheel for two months though and was driven or walked everywhere I needed to go.

Returning home I couldn't wait to see COOPER E and jump in for a drive!

I feel like I need to air the fumes of Eastern Europe out of my chest, it's amazing how much cleaner the air really is in California!

It seems the rollout of the New Electric Cars is picking at an amazing pace, just since I've been gone the Leaf has hit the road, so to the Chevy Volt (friends got theirs) Think City and more, it's really exciting, people will soon learn the fun and freedom of driving pollution free electric vehicles not tied to War Oil.

Well, Happy Holidays and Happy New Electric Year 2011, I'm back and will try to catch up on E-News.