Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is anybody out there?

Probably no one reads this anymore, only 11 followers, don't know how many happen on it by accident, only a very few even bother to comment. I know I haven't been really regular with my comments I guess I just don't want to waste anyones time with meaningless rambles.

I started this because I was extremely excited to be taking part in what I think is the Future of personal transportation.


Clean, efficient, responsible, easily renewable, readily available Electric Power.

I love automobiles! I am an Industrial Designer, I design and build Motion Picture Sets and Props.
Relatively well known for Special Effects miniature work on many major science fiction future thought projects, I've designed and built many things wind, pedal, gravity and engine powered (gasoline, steam, battery electric) as well as participated in the design of future Space travel.

The MINI E has proven to me we are ready for Battery Electric Automobiles.

The Active E, Nissan Leaf, Tesla roadster and Model S are the most exciting things to happen to transportation design in a 100 years.

They are actually reaching the marketplace. 100 years ago Battery Electrics were in competition with gasoline for the domination of transportation as a replacement for the difficult to maintain, unpredictable, underpowered, short range, polluting Horse.

Battery technology didn't progress as rapidly as the easier to produce and procure petrochemicals so oil won out and became the fuel of choice. As the Infrastructure filled in and gasoline stations replaced Livery Stables, the world rapidly and radically changed.

We now possess the Battery technology we didn't have 100 years ago, our Finite Fossil fuels are depleted, It's time for another radical change in the way we think about doing things.

If you are in the market for a new commuter vehicle, Please,
Go test drive a Volt, Leaf, or at least a Hybrid and by the end of this year there will be even more choices Ford Focus, etc, etc.

Please consider a battery Electric or Hybrid vehicle and include it in your future plans, we can't afford not to!