Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What could be more fun?

Got a chance to take the Mini E Racing this past weekend!

My utilitarian, 'car of choice', daily driver, actually got invited to race with other Electric cars on the track at Laguna Seca, California, the one with the infamous 'Corkscrew' turn.

With 24,000 miles now after two years of All Electric driving almost everyday and with 5 months to go on our lease extension before we have to give up COOPER E 230, we decided to go for it and enjoy the capabilities of this wonderful little car.

My son Jamie and I loaded the MINI E into our car trailer and hitched up to the F250 Diesel, towed the 400 miles to Laguna Seca, near Monterey California, and spent the weekend racing on the track.

Best weekend ever!

 Charging in the paddock with Leafs, Teslas, Volt and a bunch of converted Porsches, a Fiero, etc.
 A line up of Teslas.
Kleen Speeds purpose built race car, runs in the high 100's.
My son Jamie driving the Mini E 230 in the famous 'Corkscrew'!

End result is we surprised everyone and ourselves with decent times, beat one of the Teslas by 2 seconds and learned a lot about driving the track at Laguna Seca!

Yes, this Electric Car experience has been truly one of the most fun experiences I've had!