Thursday, May 10, 2012

GoodBye 230!


After 3 years and nearly 30,000 miles, we are obligated to turn in "COOPER E 230",
Say Goodbye and hope that the next adventure is as good for him as it was for us.

Now I've returned to buying Gas and Diesel, 
spending what it cost to run the Mini E for two months 
every time I fill the tank with fuel (about once a week).

I was dropped from the BMW Active E program because I asked a few questions
about things that were offered then taken away,
essentially the Dealers were entered into the mix on the Active E and reaffirmed
my hatred of having to deal with a dealer to acquire an automobile.

I will always buy Direct whenever possible, 
dealing with a middle man really blows.

So, I am back to Fossil Fuel, only momentarily, as soon as I can order and purchase
a 100% Electric Car I like - I will do it!

Functional word is like - Don't like the Leaf, 
Don't like Hybrids of any kind - too complex with two systems requiring maintenance,
I want a Real car with Real capacity and Real range!

The TESLA Model X looks wonderful, the Model S will deliver soon, 
I am waiting to see how they do in actual service, we will know by the end of summer.
You buy Direct from Tesla (No Dealer), the car is delivered to your door, 
Service (if you need it) comes to your door (no Waiting Rooms)
It's clean and simple, no oil, gas, diesel, maintenance.....
I can't wait!

The future is almost here!


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  2. I will also agree the Tesla Model X does look like a great car. Electric cars are the future. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    Greg Prosmushkin